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It's time for a spring cleanout!

Every so often (ok, quite frequently!) when my desk at work becomes unbearably messy I have a complete cleanup.  This includes throwing away all the stray post-it notes that are floating around, removing the papers from my in-tray that had once been relevant but are now long forgotten and filing everything else.  On completion I usually feel a, very proud of how tidy I am, and quite relaxed because there is (literally) no more clutter that I must think through. 

It shouldn’t be surprising then that the same principle can be applied on a much larger scale in a home.  And we just so happen to be on the brink of spring, the period of time where it is common to see households engaged in cleaning their homes.
I like to think of spring cleaning as more of a spring ‘decluttering’.  To be fair, I’m probably not the most tidy person in the world, however I like to think that any house I live in during winter is kept to an acceptable level of hygiene.  Every room is presentable and tidy.  The bathrooms are clean, as is the kitchen.  The floors are vacuumed and swept. 

It’s when you look under the surface however, that the clutter appears.   Think of those household items that naturally build up over a period of time, similar to those overflowing papers in your in-tray, or a growing number of emails in your Inbox.  It could be the junk mail that you have delegated to a drawer in the kitchen, or the cupboard under the stairs where all manner of sport equipment seems to enjoy residence. 

I think that these areas are the best ones to target in a spring clean, as opposed to general household cleaning tasks, such as vacuuming, that you have been conducting regularly throughout winter.   In my household, there are usually a few standout areas that deserve particular attention.

The medicine cabinet can be a silent killer.  This little nook is usually the final destination for all the medications and treatments purchased to tackle the ailments that winter can be known to throw at us.  While helpful at the time, these products are doing no good to anyone and could even be dangerous if they have passed their expiry date.  Perhaps use spring as an opportunity to clean-out your old medications and restock your cabinet with products that will become useful as summer approaches, such as sunscreen and insect repellant. 

The ‘shoe basket’ that I have seen present in many homes could also be a cleaning target.  This basket usually sits at the front or back door and is used to store shoes that are not brought inside.  Although helpful if the shoes are worn regularly, there is a tendency for people to forget about them, leaving them to collect mildew and sometimes even mould.  I often find that the best policy is usually to give the shoes the toss if no longer used. 

Every residence has their trouble areas and the home’s inhabitants tend to know exactly where/what these are.  I would recommend using spring as an opportunity to declutter these areas and enjoy the stress-free relaxation that often follows a cleanout.             

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