Ensure your move is a stress free experience

Moving house can be an exciting period, yet also has the potential to be a time-consuming and emotionally draining experience.  However, by preparing in advance and being organised you can make sure that come moving day, the process is efficient and as stress free as possible. 

Start planning early
Well before the date of your move make a point of going through your possessions and deciding which will be taken with you and which you will dispose of, and the means of doing so.  This may mean donating items to charity, or holding a garage sale.  By decluttering early on you can ensure that only the most important items will make it with you to your new property – potentially making the move itself easier.  

It is also important to make a list of all the tools you will need for your move prior to the date, to ensure that everything is on hand come moving day.  This includes sourcing boxes, packing tape, removalists, tools to dismantle furniture and a permanent marker for labelling boxes. 

Label boxes
The moving-in process can often be gradual, so to make things easier it is important to clearly label boxes with their contents so that you can access necessary goods quickly and with little fuss.  It is also helpful to mark boxes by room, e.g. ‘Kitchen’, ‘Natalie’s bedroom’, so that you and your removalists and/or unpackers can easily place the appropriate box in their intended locations. 

Contact service providers
In the rush of moving, it is often easy to forget to cancel services and utilities at your residence, such as Foxtel, telephone connection, water, electricity and the like.  Likewise, you also need to ensure that necessary services will be connected upon your arrival at your new home.   In order to make sure everything is disconnected/reconnected on-time, make a list of all service providers and try to contact them well before moving day. 

Mail redirection
While you may remember to tell your friends, family and other regular senders of mail of your change of address, there are other senders whom you may neglect to inform.  Your local post-office will be able to offer you a mail redirection service, so that all of your important correspondence is sent to your new address. 

Arrange for care of children and pets
Moving can be enough of a challenge without worrying about the whereabouts of your young children and animals.  Arranging care on the day of your move can help to ensure the process is a smooth one. 

As you can see there a variety of simple ways to reduce the levels of stress that can often be associated with moving properties.  While a move is not always easy by any means, by planning ahead and being organised, you can ensure your move is conducted quickly and with as little drama as possible – helping you to settle in and enjoy your new home. 

Should you need any more tips around the moving process, please feel free to contact your local CENTURY 21 real estate agent.

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