The importance of building inspection reports

The importance of building inspection reports

Before getting too far ahead of yourself and signing on the dotted line to purchase a property, make sure you obtain a building inspection report.

A building inspection report will provide you with a written account of the condition of the building and its structure, including the interior, exterior, roof and so on. Importantly, it will advise you of any potential problems, for example safety hazards, rising damp and current defects that may cause future damage.

If you become aware of previously unknown defects, it will ensure you do not overspend on a property that is not up to scratch. In terms of negotiation, it may help you to lower the price allowing financial compensation for fixing the defects.

Pest inspection reports are also valuable to ensure there are no creepy crawlies sharing the residence with you. If the property is in an area where certain pests are a common problem, then a pest inspection is strongly advised.

Obtaining these reports will be a small price to pay to ensure the quality of structure and condition of any property you wish to purchase.

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