Ways to cool your home without spending a fortune

For most parts of our country, the Australian summer is usually a hot one.  And while many of us spend our days (if we’re lucky enough to have some time off work) enjoying the warmer weather at the beach or in the pool, remaining cool at home can often be a challenge. 

With the price of electricity on the rise, using air conditioning to combat the heat can often result in significant expense.  So what can you do to lower your costs while staying cool at the same time? 

For those of you who have an air conditioning unit installed, be sure to perform regular maintenance on it.  This includes having a professional service conducted at the beginning of the summer months (before you start to use it) and remembering to change the filter monthly throughout regular use.  Keeping your unit in good condition should help to reduce your wear and tear costs in the long run. 

If you are considering the purchase of a system, make sure you obtain expert advice about what product would be best suited to your room/property.  Factors such as the location of windows, the direction your property faces and the size of the intended room of installation can have an impact on your decision and without consideration could see you purchase a system that costs more to run than is necessary. 

Try to install your air conditioning system in a location that is clear from obstructing material that could disrupt the flow of air.  Curtains and furniture, for instance, have the potential to absorb the air pumped out from the unit, which will reduce the cooling impact on the room. 

In houses where air conditioners are not present, there are still some excellent tactics that can be used to cool a home down without requiring a big spend (these tactics can be employed even where air conditioners are present, reducing your need for them and thus expense).

On the outside of a property, trees and bushes can be planted to reduce the strength of the sun’s impact on your home.  When painting, choice of colour should be a consideration, with lighter colours absorbing less heat than darker ones.

Internally, closing curtains can help to cool a room, as can the reduced use of heat-producing household items such as stoves and ovens.

Additionally, people can reduce their own body temperature, effectively cooling from the inside out, by wearing clothes that are light in colour and weight.   

There really is no reason why your cooling attempts should cost you a fortune over summer.  As we’ve seen above, simple actions around the house can help to reduce your air conditioning bills and lessen the impact of the heat where air conditioning units are not present.  

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