Rental Forms

Application for Residential Tenancy

Finding a rental property in a up and coming market can be difficult. We at Century 21 Chris Couper Real estate want to take away the stress out of finding a property. We hold numerous inspections weekly, and can cater to all people with busy schedules with early morning and twilight viewings. After the application has been returned we like to offer a speedy turn around with most application only taking between 24-48 hours. We then will let you know ASAP, if you have been accepted or not for the property in which you have applied for. To make the application process that little bit easier for us please provide as much information as possible, let you references know you have used them and that they will be expecting a call and let your current agent know you are applying for a property. Attached below is our application for Residential tenancy.

Maintenance Request form

We require all maintenance to be put in writing. You can either fill in the attached request form or send an email to

Notice of Intention to Leave- Form 13

This form is to be filled out when you wish to vacate the premises. The tenant must give the agent 14 days notice in writing. This must be 14 days before the end of your lease, or if you are on a periodic lease agreement at any stage of the tenancy if you wish to vacate.

Site Unseen Letter

We understand it can be difficult when moving to make it to inspection times. We always try and have an applicant view a property or someone view on their behalf, however if this is not possible, we do accept a site unseen form which is attached below.