Rick Bantleman

Commercial Sales & Leasing Specialist
Licence: 58532
Mobile: 0413 555 441
Business Tel: 08 6365 5182

CENTURY 21 Centex Commercial
Unit 91, 215 Stirling Street Perth WA 6000 Australia


Rick Bantleman has been involved in the property investment industry for over 30 years, making the transition from successful chartered accountant and financial controller to property investor and now real estate professional. Developed in 2007 Century 21 Centex International was created to provide an innovative solution to real estate investing in commercial real estate locally, nationally and internationally. Century 21 is now the largest real estate selling agency in the world; currently boasting well over 7,000 offices worldwide. With their core focus on positive gearing commercial investment property and wealth creation, Century 21 Centex International has fast become the commercial agency of choice when choosing to invest in positively geared commercial property. From the dynamic website to their smart investor list, Century 21 Centex International is dedicated to providing the most up to date information and properties in positively geared commercial hot-spots Australia-wide.

In addition my role at Century 21 Centex International as director and licensee sees me part of the Century 21 executive team, playing a key role in the strategy, direction and growth of the Agency.
I have previously worked for Colliers International in a senior property role and I am a licenced Real Estate Agent, Chartered Accountant and Certified Financial Planner with significant experience providing advice on financial and commercial property matters.

For example, my career has included:

Property/Building Management
• Development and implementation of Business and Management Plans;
• Property management services:
• including property and building management
• Establishment various contracts
• Inspections of all buildings noting maintenance works required
• Communication with all stakeholders;
• Implemented risk management procedures;

Lease Management
• Represented and provided advice to owners in all leasing matters;
• Negotiated all leases;
• Instructed lawyers and obtained review of documentation;
• processed applications;
• Maintained and secured all legal documents in a secured facilities;
• Monitored all options and dates for exercising;
• Ensuring tenants comply with their insurance requirements;
• Dealt with all manner of applications including Development, liquor and signage;
• Prepared all correspondence to stakeholders;
• Developed and implemented traffic management and OHS management plans.

Financial Management
• Day to day invoices and collection of rents and utility charges within agreed timeframes;
• Late payments management and debt recovery;
• Prepared and sought approval for all lease revenue and expenditure budgets;

Promotion and Marketing
• Prepared a promotions and marketing plan for various stakeholders such as owners of shopping centres with significant retail and commercial tenancies; and
• Regular review of all marketing plans measured against KPIs and amended accordingly.

• Created suitable monthly, quarterly and annual reports for use by all stakeholders;
• Prepared current tenancy schedules on a monthly basis outlining current rent, reviews and lease terms, options and renewals;
• Documented all key lease terms and conditions and ensured tenant compliance;
• Represented various stakeholders on committees as and when required;
• Met regularly with owners to discuss any property management issues that arose so corrective action could be taken expediently;
• Have prepared reports using a variety of software packages – mainly Microsoft Office;

Provision of Specialist Advice
Coordinated and appointed various specialists including; town planners, environmental scientists, business planning organisations and valuers.

Building Optimisation
Review of operational efficiency of commercial, retail and industrial properties including building optimisation and other environmental issues.

Rick is passionate about commercial property and particularly positively geared commercial property investments and offers his advice as an experienced property investor and advisor; Rick has already amassed a significant property portfolio in his own right. Rick is the CEO of Century 21 Commercial; a specialist in positively geared commercial property investment.

Rick Bantleman’s other strong focus is on commercial, industrial sales and leasing and property management.

His role as Century 21 Centex Commercial director and licensee sees him part of the Century 21 executive team, playing a key role in the strategy, direction and growth of the Agency.

Rick also services a loyal and extensive network of clients in all commercial property sectors and is highly regarded in the industry. His experience and knowledge equips him with a clear understanding of the needs of every commercial property client plus vital industry know how and background. Rick is committed to delivering results efficiently, competently and with the utmost professionalism, to clients with varied commercial property interests.


1. What inspires you as a Perth Business Leader?

Effective listening by leaders is at least as important as communicating well. In depth, accurate understanding of yourself is the key to understanding and working with those whom you lead. You need to communicate clearly what must be done – but it is even more important to explain why it should be done.
Leadership is not a position – rather it is skill in influencing the thinking and behavior of those in the team you lead. Trust and respect for you – the true currency of leadership – must be earned by people witnessing your behavior over time. In the end, your character as a person will impact the effectiveness of your leadership more than any specific skill.

2. Briefly tell us about your brand?

CENTURY 21 Australia brings an internationally respected standard of real estate practice to local neighborhoods every day. With strong support and an ongoing commitment to market-leading innovation, the CENTURY 21 brand is held in the highest regard by the Australian real estate industry as well as members of the Australian public.

CENTURY 21 is the most recognised real estate brand in the world! We have the world's most renowned 'For Sale' sign. Our Gold Jacket and yard arms are brand icons and instantly recognisable.

3. What can the Perth SME community expect to see from your Brand in the future?

The Real Estate Industry of the 21st Century will be driven by a 'customer service culture' and CENTURY 21 will lead this evolutionary process.

The CENTURY 21 System in all its operations, will epitomize not only professional real estate knowledge, but a dedication to integrity and responsiveness to every customer whom we have the privilege of serving - Clear, Accessible and Expert.

This 'service culture' will be promoted, integrated and expected through every level of our system and no deviation from this high ideal will be accepted.

Our customers deserve, and will receive, the finest service offered by any Real Estate organisation.

4. How has your business/branding evolved in the face of ever-changing trends and upcoming sites?

CENTURY 21 Australasia's investment in consumer-focused innovative tools gives us a further edge in the competitive Australian real estate market. The CENTURY 21 Property App for iPhone and iPad, along with the online real estate game Property Mogul, provide Australian consumers with an opportunity to engage with the property market, as well as the company, in a different and interesting way, giving the CENTURY 21 brand a unique competitive advantage.

5. What piece of advice has stuck with you throughout your career?

“A customer is the most important visitor on our premises. He is not dependent on us. We are dependent on him. He is not an interruption in our work. He is the purpose of it. He is not an outsider in our business. He is part of it. We are not doing him a favor by serving him. He is doing us a favor by giving us an opportunity to do so.”


Tafe Central – Diploma of Property Real Estate – 2007
Real Estate Sales Representative Course – 2006
University of Western Sydney Hawkesbury NSW Certified Financial Planning (CFP) Examinations Distinction – 1999
University of NSW Migration Agents Examinations High Distinction – 1998
Professional Year, Institute of Chartered Accountants – 1986-1987
Best Professional Year, Chartered Accounting Student, KPMG (Top 5% in NSW, Australia) – 1987
Curtin University, Bachelor of Business
Best Final Year Accounting Student, Price Waterhouse – 1982

Real Estate Institute of WA (REIWA)
Institute of Chartered Accountants (ICA)
Registered Tax Agent
Migration Institute of Australia (MIA)
Financial Planning Association of Australia (FPA)
Authorised Representative of Financial Wisdom


1. Price Waterhouse Award - Best Final Year Commerce Student - Curtin University - 1982
2. University of Western Sydney - Distinction - Certified Financial Planning (CFP) - 1999