Finding The Right Home For You


At Century 21 Coast Property we deal with a wide range of buyers.   Budgets are all different and circumstances are all different, however don’t let anybody tell you that you can’t afford to be choosy.  You are unique, you have desires, wants and needs, hopes and dreams, so enjoy the process of choosing the right home for you.

Who Are You?

Usually purchasers fall into three different categories, the smart astute “investor” who wants to either fix up a place and re-sell or have the property tenanted and reap the rewards.  Another category is the “family” buyer, ones who want to grow old with their partner while watching their children grow and enjoy the family home.  Last but certainly not least are the” couples”, whether young and not intending for children or retirees looking for a home for themselves and that special someone.


Yes, location is everything.

If your the investor, maybe purchased a run-down house with intentions to renovate, you need to do some homework on the area.  Which demographic will this area appeal to and market and renovate the property directly to them.  Any of our agents at Century 21 Coast Property at The Entrance or Berkeley vale office can always help in this regard.

When purchasing for your family you need to look at the surrounding areas closely.  Are you able to walk to the local park, school and shops?  Many families walk to The Entrance Memorial Park each weekend and enjoy a game of cricket or soccer with their children, feed the sea gulls or just relax and soak up the sunshine.  Is the transport good in the area?  Check with the local Police about the safety of the area.  

For you and your partner then the choices are normally wide open.  It is up to you entirely, choose what suits you.  Can you imagine yourselves in this area?  How long will it take to get to work, can I walk to the beach or even the local golf course for that Sunday round with friends?  The choice is yours.


Yes, we all have our budget.  

Obviously all will be very different.  Stick to a price you are comfortable with.  For the investors speak to your Real Estate agent about what your intentions for the property are, ask their opinion as they sell homes every day.  You do not want to overcapitalise.   

For the family buyers remember as children grow so do the expenses.  Keep this in mind.  The most expensive home does not mean that is where you will be the happiest.   Yes aim for the stars, you can reach them but nobody said you have to have the universe.

For the couples with no children you still need to decide on your budget that is comfortable to you.  No-one wants the mortgagee knocking on your door.

Please ask us for any help.  Our Sales Team at Century 21 Coast Property have over 30 years experience in total and are always available if you have questions regarding any real estate matter or even on the local area.  Ross Hampton and Jacque Blair, the Principals live in the area and are heavily involved with the local sporting clubs.   You know what they say, you can always trust a local.


Simple Steps To Prepare Your House For Sale.

If you want your house to sell for the best possible price here are some easy, quick steps to spruce up your house for sale and show prospective buyers why they should choose your house to buy.

1.       Wash windows inside and out.  Handy hint is to mix baby shampoo with water.  No streaks guaranteed.

2.       Trim bushes.  Show off your garden, nothing worse than everything overgrown as this gives the buyer that not looked after feel.

3.       Buy potted flowers for colour.  Place throughout your garden or on verandas.  Colour always cheers people up.

4.       Wash curtains and open windows.  You want the fresh, clean and airy feel.  Hint is to spray the curtain with a mild scent, so as the wind blows the scent disburses throughout the room. 

5.       Sand and polished floorboards.  Hiring a sander is not expensive and the difference in the floorboards is amazing.  Truly worth every cent.

6.       Buy towels that are only used for open inspections or when you get that call from the agent wanting to come around in ten minutes, you will always have clean fresh towels to display in your bathroom.

7.       A welcome mat.  First impressions are what counts.

Above are a few simple steps that I hope will help you getting the best price possible for your home.

Lea Kozaruk

Century 21 Coast Property

Home security for Holiday Season

With summer just around the corner, Century 21 Coast Property encourages both home owners and renters to be extra vigilant with home security as we prepare to take holidays and will be spending increasing time outdoors.

With our sunny afternoons getting longer people head to Shelly Beach, The Entrance Baths, or stroll along The Entrance Boadwalk after work for some summer fun or relaxation, this gives burglars with a prime opportunity for theft as homes are often not locked up adequately as we know we will be returning shortly.  It only takes a thief approximately 50 seconds to actually break into your home.  Always lock your house even if returning in five minutes.

If your going away for the holidays Century 21 Coast Property, advise actions such as:

1          Letting a friend or neighbour know when you are going away

2.         Ask your neighbor to keep on eye on your mail box and have newspapers picked up off your lawn. 

3.         If your paper is paid delivery cancel it while your away.

4.         Ask your neighbor to put your rubbish bin out and in the same evening.

5.         Place a timer switch on an interior light and make sure sensor lights are in working order.

6.         Don’t discuss your holiday plans in a public place.

7.         Trim shrubs and bushes around windows and entry way.

8.         Do not leave keys in any hiding spots around your home

9.         Turn your phone volume down and never leave a message stating you are away.

Century 21 Coast Property is hoping with the above preparation you can go away,enjoy  your holiday with the family without the worry of “have we done enough to secure our  home?

Written By Lea Kozaruk