Cape of Bouvard, or Bouvard as it is known today, was discovered in 1801 by French sailors whom named the area after French Astronomer Alexis Bovard. As a result of delicious coincidence, wine makers later discovered that French grape varieties thrive in Cape of Bouvard, providing us with a fantastic local wine region which is now home to Cape Bouvard Winery and Brewery.

Modern Day Bouvard was established in 1990, situated just a 20 minute drive south of the Mandurah CBD. Bouvard also features Lake Clifton, which is the home to the famous Thrombolites. Also known as living fossils, the Thrombolites are a fantastic tourist attraction within the Mandurah and Bouvard area, as they are a living relic from the earliest days of life on our planet.

Bouvard / Herron

The residents of the Bouvard area enjoy its quiet surrounds consisting of well treed lifestyle acreages, fantastic fishing beaches, and the famous Harvey Estuary, home to the Blue Swimmer Crab.