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10/451-457 New Canterbury Rd Dulwich Hill

Angelo Lofitis

Mobile: 0420 365 460

CENTURY 21 Synergy
459 New Canterbury Road Dulwich Hill NSW 2203 Australia

Angelo Lofitis

I was surrounded by the real estate industry from a very young age. I was the son and grandson of an Inner West real estate agent and I spent lots of time in my father’s Marrickville office, so I had a lot of experience before I’d even officially started my career in real estate. Once I completed my qualifications, I worked predominantly in the Dulwich Hill area for the first eight to ten years of my career, and now I operate my own business, Century 21 Synergy, Dulwich Hill.

Property and people are my passion. I want to help vendors achieve amazing results and I thrive on the challenge of selling – I find that being involved the sale of something that's potentially someone's greatest financial asset is a highly rewarding experience.

I have primarily focused on building a team of agents who are committed to being the best, updating their skill sets constantly to keep up with market trends. I always maintain integrity in all my dealings with my clients in the Inner West and my focus is on achieving impressive results.

I’m passionate about new technologies and modern real estate trends, especially online and digital marketing and technology. Century 21 Synergy is a dynamic and award-winning agency, and our team has become an industry leader in real estate marketing, most notably in the online boutique property space. We’re friendly, professional and we care about the local community.
Marketing: Century 21 Synergy’s unique focus

Cost-effective: At Century 21 Synergy, Dulwich Hill, our marketing is focused on being financially efficient and time efficient. It's designed to be cost-effective for our vendors as we exclusively market online, as opposed to some of our competitors which work with costly and less flexible print media campaigns.

New technologies: At Century 21 Synergy, you’ll find state-of-the-art information systems which will give you real-time access to listings, including potential purchasers’ comments or offers, as well as real-time progress of open house inspections. It’s a new technology we’re proud of offering.

Cut-through: We prioritise and optimise our online ads to the highest possible point so they are visible at every possible place we advertise. This ensures that we’re getting the biggest results and the most people through the door during our clients’ campaigns. We work hard to identify key feature elements and the most saleable aspects of a property.

Included marketing: At Century 21, we provide an exclusive full-colour floor plan with furniture included, internet advertising, a sign board/s, professional photography and glossy brochures. I personally go in and see the unique selling points of any property I list and I closely discuss the selling points with the vendor that I should be focussed on.

Property photography: A picture speaks a thousand words so we have exceptional property photographers which are exclusive to our boutique agency. Once the campaign is launched, inspections are generally undertaken twice a week with two senior agents attending each open house.

Chain of communication: Our agency provides comprehensive communication in the four-week campaign and provides an online seller log-in feature, allowing vendors to get real time information and feedback during inspections. We provide a written vendor report and phone call after every weekly inspection.

The Inner West: The place to be

The Inner West is an amazing place to live because it’s changing rapidly. Gentrification of the Inner West has been steadily happening over the last few years, bringing many new people to the community, as well as more young families. There’s an eclectic amnesty and vibe that you get within the restaurants and cafe lifestyle that's very popular in the Inner West.

The Inner West is often nicknamed “Little Melbourne” because it's an environment that has creative people who are often willing to push the envelope. This neighborhood offers so much in the way of lifestyle. Its proximity to the city and transport options are second to none and it's an exciting up-and-coming area.

At Century 21 Synergy, Dulwich Hill, we place a big focus on the fact that we don't take on every listing. Our agents do not aim to sign up every single property; we’re selective about who we take up and are committed to doing the best by our vendors that we can possibly do, and that includes being ethical and honest at all stages of the process.