TENANT INFORMATION The easiest way to pay your rent, is setting up a reoccurring transaction with your bank to transfer the rental payment into our bank each week. This way, its set and forget! To set this up, contact the office and we will provide you with the correct banking details and your tenant code for you to take to your bank to set up. Our office also takes cash, if you would like to come in to the office each pay. Please note that our office does not have EFTPOS facilities Alternatively, you can arrange a payment with Centrelink or Rental Rewards. For more information on this, please do not hesitate to call into the office and we can provide this information for you.


TENANT INFORMATION Do you have a non urgent maintenance item? Feel free to download the attached maintenance request form and email, mail or fax it into our office and we can happily arrange to get in contact with the landlord to run the maintenance past them. Alternatively, call into the office, and you can complete this form in the office. For all URGENT items, please contact the office on 54823433, 0409321974 immediately and we can arrange repairs with the landlords


TENANT INFORMATION Interested in one or more of our current rental properties? Its easy to apply! Download the attached application form and complete for each adult over the age of 18, then email, fax or mail to our office, and we will be in contact to arrange an inspection to get you through the property! Alternatively, call into our office and complete an application in the office.


TENANT INFORMATION Are you planning on moving out of your current rental? You can easily download the attached Notice to Vacate form and complete, then return to the office via email, fax or mail and we can get it processed. Alternatively, call into the office and you can complete the form in the office.