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Frequently Asked Questions

How is CENTURY 21 different?

With more than 7000 locations, over 3000 alone in the Asia Pacific region, 122,000 sales people in 66 countries, CENTURY 21 connects a global network of dedicated property professionals under the banner of the world's most recognised real estate organisation.

For real estate franchisees and agents, joining the CENTURY 21 organisation ensures you gain the tools and support to completely streamline and easily manage business operations, allowing office members to concentrate on what they enjoy and do best - prospecting leads and selling real estate.

Put simply - partnering with CENTURY 21 Australia gives you a competitive edge.

How long does it take to open an office?

Our franchise selection process is thorough, and the length of time it takes to open a franchise varies from business to business. We're committed to making sure that both we and the prospective franchisee are making a well-educated and informed business decision.

Please complete the online enquiry form below and we will put you in touch with your states representative who can walk you through the process and confidentially discuss your timeline requirements.

How do we find a location?

Your state representative will assist you in regards to site selection.

How long is the Franchise Agreement?

The CENTURY 21 Franchise Agreement is for a period of 5 years.

Does CENTURY 21 have territories?

No. There are however requirements and guidelines that govern the operations of neighbouring offices. These requirements and guidelines ensure the synergy, culture and strength of our network.

What support can I expect?

CENTURY 21 is first and foremost a support driven company. One of the main priorities is to help you measure and manage the drivers of profitability. Our Service Managers work closely with you to ensure you reach your yearly goals, monthly targets and weekly actions. Thus establishing the foundations to maximise your business potential at succession. They work as a third eye offering an external perspective of your business, from the day you open to succession; they are your partner in business.

Our structured Orientation Program ensures you have a smooth transition into the network and thorough familiarisation of the CENTURY 21 tools and resources. Working closely with your Service Manager our 'Road Map' for new Franchise Owners guides you through the process.

Support meetings are regularly conducted by your Service Manager and are structured on your office needs and requirements. These regular meetings form the very cornerstone of our Support Program.

Do we charge extra for training?

Training is included in your franchise fee.

The CENTURY 21 Learning System covers the full-spectrum of roles in the real estate industry, from reception and administration through to franchise ownership and everything in between - giving offices and agents the skills necessary to match the performance of world-leading real estate practitioners.

Additionally, being part of the CENTURY 21 network provides you with the opportunity to learn from the best in the business at our National and International conferences.

Do I need previous experience in real estate?

Owning a CENTURY 21 franchise takes a strong personal commitment to the business and active involvement in its operation. Our franchisees also share a few personal qualities: a commitment to excellence, the desire to be the best, and a passion for the real estate industry.

Of course real estate experience is advantageous however your desire to succeed, a solid background in business, the right attitude and the right skill sets are the essential ingredients you need to establish a successful new office.

Your state representative can discuss with you possible options for establishing the ownership structure behind your new office and necessary requirements. They will also advise you on your states licensing requirements.

Please complete the online enquiry form below and your state representative will be in touch within the next 24 hours.

How much are the start up costs?

Start up costs vary due to many factors. Are you looking to open an office or rebrand your existing office? We can advise you on approximate costs and capital required for either scenario.

Is there a joining fee?

Approved applicants are not required to pay a joining royalty or fee.

What are the franchise fees?

The monthly franchise fee can vary depending on your location; metro, regional or country. However, in most instances our franchise fee is performance based - the more you make the less we take.

Please complete the online enquiry form below and your state representative can review the fee schedule with you.

Is there a franchise fee on Property Management income?

No. Please complete the online enquiry form below and you state representative will discuss in detail the CENTURY 21 fee schedule including further information on Property Management revenue.

Is there a marketing fee?

Yes. This monthly fee also varies depending on your location; metro, regional or country.

The CENTURY 21 Australia brand enjoys a consistent presence in the Australian media. Proactive and integrative marketing and public relations activities and support ensure that CENTURY 21 franchise offices benefit from exposure across major media outlets nationally, as well as at a local level.

For a detailed overview of all current advertising and campaign information, complete the enquiry fields below and your state representative will be in touch to review the entire catalogue of our national and international marketing campaigns and the CENTURY 21 fee schedule.

Is there a technology fee?

Yes, this is a flat monthly fee.

CENTURY 21 Australia is committed to the proactive development of innovative real estate tools and technologies. These are designed to make the property buying and selling process less time consuming and more effective for busy Australians, while also streamlining the running of offices in order to give franchisees and principals more time to get on with the business of selling real estate.

For further information on the CENTURY 21 technologies, please fill out the following enquiry form and you will be emailed a link to further information.

Click here to fill out the enquiry form.

What is the process?

By completing the online enquiry form below your state representative will be in touch with you within 24 hours for a confidential discussion.

We will then show you what we do, how we do it and introduce you to our people.

You then complete our Franchise Application and supply supporting documentation.

Upon approval of the Franchise Application, Franchise Agreements are issued and signing date is arranged.

Our Orientation Program now begins. We ensure you and your team are completely up to speed with our systems and technologies prior to you opening the doors as CENTURY 21. The detailed Orientation Program continues once you are up and running and then merges seamlessly into our ongoing Support Program.

Click here to fill out the enquiry form.

For further information regarding franchising opportunities with CENTURY 21 Australia, please complete the enquiry form or call (02) 8295 0600: