The most advanced real estate support network

The most advanced real estate support network

CENTURY 21 franchisees have access to a wide range of support services. These services are put in place to help owners measure, manage and drive profitability within their offices. As a franchisee, you have access to these services, which can help you achieve your business goals.

Corporate support
CENTURY 21 employs specialists who are dedicated to working with franchisees, helping them reach their weekly actions, monthly targets and yearly goals and establish the foundations to maximise business growth until succession.

CENTURY 21 is committed to investing in the research and development of the latest training programmes and systems. CENTURY 21’s Learning System covers the full spectrum of roles in the real estate industry. This gives offices and agents the skills necessary to match the performance of world leading real estate practitioners. Ensure that you take advantage of the workshops and training days that are run across the country.

IT Support
Technology is vital for success in modern society, that's why CENTURY 21 has a team of IT professionals ready to help franchisees and agents through any technical difficulties they might encounter. Whether it’s assisting with e-Sales, emails or websites, CENTURY 21’s IT support team are just a phone call away and will gladly help.

eSales Management Reports
Our eSales reporting system allows franchisees access to a wide range of information enabling them to measure the success of their business. From true break even analysis to listing/sales ratios, franchisees are able to get real time data on how their office is progressing.

CENTURY 21's industry leading technology

CENTURY 21's industry leading technology

CENTURY 21 works constantly to provide franchisees with technology that gives buyers and sellers a superior real estate experience. This includes state-of-the-art services, improved communication tools, and real time access to information. Below are some key technologies that CENTURY 21 supplies to its franchisees.

Global website
CENTURY 21's global website means that consumers have direct access to every CENTURY 21 listing from around the world. These listings can be viewed in 16 different languages and in the currency and measurement system of the prospective buyers from across the world.

CENTURY 21 offices operate on eSales, an advanced management system. This software puts processes in place that allow offices to record, access and analyse information regarding profitability and sales data, troubleshoot business issues and monitor and track the progress of staff.

Client Login
Client Login is an online portal that allows sellers to monitor the progress of their sale remotely, at any time of the day or night, from anywhere in the world. Through Client Login, CENTURY 21 keeps its customers better informed during the real estate process.

Automated Video
CENTURY 21 agents are able to easily add a video to their listings through eSales for a fast, effective and affordable marketing edge. The videos are optimised for mobile and tablet and include titles, voiceover options, property images, property details, CENTURY 21 branding, soundtrack, SEO optimisation, agent photo and contact details.

Negotiation skills

Negotiation skills

Negotiation skills are vital to a real estate agent’s career; one of the main roles of an agent is to bring a buyer’s offer up to a seller’s price, and a seller price down to a buyer’s offer. This skill will often be the mark of a truly successful real estate agent. Below are a few tips that I believe are key to being an excellent negotiator.

1. Communication
Communication is the backbone of negotiation, so it’s important that an agent can effectively communicate between the seller and the buyer. Being timely, clear and efficient in this area will help to make the process easier and all parties involved will likely respect your ability to do so.

2. Listening
Of course, listening is actually part of communication, but it deserves a special mention. The negotiation process can happen smoothly if the agent is able to listen and interpret what both parties want. Listening is also an important part of making your clients feel valued, so spend time listening and making sure you know what they want.

3. Building rapport
The great thing about communicating and listening well is that these actions help to build rapport. A relationship between an agent and their client that is harmonious and respectful provides a better environment for successful negotiation. I believe that these three aspects of negotiation work hand in hand and can work together to build an agent’s success.