Establish a Disability Action Plan for your Franchise

Companies operating today, including real estate franchises, may find themselves subject to scrutiny regarding their policies of social responsibility and ethical conduct.  And with one in five Australians living with a disability (according to a 2009 survey conducted by the Australian Bureau of Statistics), disability in the workplace is one such area that is closely watched. 

As the owner and/or manager of a CENTURY 21 franchise you need to be actively aware of your responsibilities to both customers and employees who have a disability.  The Commonwealth Disability Discrimination Act (1992) provides a proactive guide for businesses of all shapes and sizes operating in all industries to enact a Disability Action Plan.  According to the Australian Government’s JobAccess website, a Disability Action Plan is “a way for an organisation to plan the removal, as far as possible, of discrimination against people with disability.”

Establishing a Disability Action Plan and showing your franchise’s commitment to removing discrimination from within your business can go a long way to enhance and benefit your company – both internally as a boost to the morale of your agents and office staff, as well as improving your reputation within the community.  

To begin to develop such a plan, steps must first be taken to identify how accessible your CENTURY 21 franchise is for people with a disability.  A good way to start this process is to consult with disability stakeholder groups. 

For more information about what a Disability Action Plan should contain and how your franchise can best go about establishing such a plan, please visit the Australian Government’s How to establish a Disability Action Plan website. 

By moving proactively to create a Disability Action Plan for your real estate franchise and making your business more accessible for valuable employees with a disability as a result, your business will likely receive added respect and support from amongst the wider community as a leader in the move to remove disability discrimination from the workplace. 

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