Marketing your agency through social media

Studying at the library, borrowing a video or writing a friend a letter in today’s technological world feels extremely archaic. The introduction of the internet has indeed changed the way we do things and business is no different – many methods of traditional marketing are now somewhat redundant. Although there is still a need to print brochures, mail flyers and advertise in magazines, businesses today need to seriously consider adopting social media marketing.

We live in a technological bubble where everyone who is anyone connects through the internet. The power behind social marketing is simple and strong. Follow these several easy steps and learn how to effectively expand your customer base beyond your retail store.

Make your mark
Today there is no excuse for dismissing the use of social media marketing techniques. According to, 250 million people actively use Facebook and over three million messages are broadcasted each day on Twitter; social media marketing has therefore become one of the fastest online platforms for promoting, selling and communicating with your client. Being a CENTURY 21 franchise owner you have the added fortune of being able to branch off the company’s sturdy reputation as being ‘accessible, clear and expert’. Understanding the importance of marketing through the internet is vital within the property industry. Go ahead, use these tools to make your mark and connect with people.

Adapt and respond to consumer feedback
Social media marketing can assist your franchise through feedback and decision making and can lead to business development. Networking and promoting to the masses is an effective way to get the word out about your current listings, sales, products and services on offer. Adapt to social media by personalising your website, upload images, blogs and customer comments to make your site interactive, informative and creative.

Network to build your brand
There are several online networking communities that can be used to network with other professionals and potential customers. Tapping into Facebook, Twitter or YouTube can offer enormous marketing opportunity for your franchise. For instance uploading an educational video on ‘How to prepare your house for an inspection’ or a slideshow of current rentals in your area onto YouTube is an inexpensive and creative way to interact with potential customers.  

Communicate to connect
Build the CENTURY 21 brand by broadening your circle of contacts to promote your business. There are hundreds of social media sites available – stand out by paying attention to your own quality control and do not underestimate the human factor required when connecting with your potential customers. Interacting with a human voice by responding to your tweets and comments is the key to social marketing.  Acknowledging your followers will generate a loyal following and promote your business.

Overall you should aim to use the technology of today to advance your sales and contacts. Engaging in social media circles for marketing has the potential to create tangible, lasting benefits for your business.  


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