Take a break for a mid-year reflection

With the first six months of the year nearly all but a memory, it could be a good opportunity to examine your businesses results from this period and reflect on any potential lessons you may be able to glean from these results. When doing this, it’s important to remember that you may be able to learn just as much from the success you’ve experienced, as you are able to from any less memorable moments.

Below are three more simple tips to help you build on the first half of the year to ensure a successful second half of 2014.

Analyse your data: while it’s likely you’re working with an accountant to square away any loose ends before the end of the financial year, this data isn’t only useful for taxation purposes. By examining this data in more detail, you may be able to determine areas of the business which are underperforming or you’re able to reduce expenditure;

Reflect on client queries: if any issues have been raised by clients throughout the year, it may be a good time to review these and check to ensure you’ve remedied these and put in place procedures to prevent them reoccurring. It can also be a good opportunity to examine any positive feedback your staff have received and ensure that the actions that resulted in this positive feedback are being repeated;

Define your goals: while you’re conducting this reflective process, it could be a good opportunity to use this time to set some goals for the new financial year. It may be useful to incorporate improvements on any negative feedback received, as well as build upon positive feedback you’ve received.

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