The value of a mid-year wrap-up

It is hard to ignore the fact that we’re almost halfway through the year. We’ll soon be counting down to 2014 and, as such, now may be an opportune time to reflect, refocus and plan for the six months ahead. To this end, here are three simple tips to help you maximise your business’ success over the remainder of 2013.

1) Take stock: the fiscal year is drawing to a close and, as such, many business owners are likely in the process of collating relevant paperwork and metrics for submission to the tax office. In preparing for tax time, there also lies an opportunity for you to examine your business’ financial patterns and practices over the past year. Are all of your expenses necessary? Could you spend money in more efficient ways? Could you potentially consolidate areas of your business to increase cash-flow? Questions such as these may lead you to identify strategies for moving business forward in more efficient and profitable ways. 

2) Reflect on issues: it may be beneficial to examine client/employee complaints and queries over the past six months as this may enable you to implement proactive issues-management strategies. Tackling these issues and implementing solutions before they become recurring problems could prove to be very effective in encouraging staff and clients to remain engaged with your business.

3) Move forward:  the idea of reflecting and re-booting is to ultimately move your business forward in an enhanced manner – from both a staffing and client service perspective. While it is important to reflect in order to foster progress, it is equally important to let issues go once they’ve been addressed. If you get too hung up on problems, you risk prolonging a solution. 

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