Utilising social media for your business

There can be no denying that social media now plays a crucial role in our society. It’s no surprise then, that the popularity and significance of social media have become a vital part of marketing for many businesses.  Utilising social media in the real estate sector may have the potential to help ensure that your agency is highly visible in the market, or assist in winning more listings and attracting more clients.   

Below are three ideas which may help you promote and grow your business using social media.

Don’t just post about listings.

While this may seem like a strange idea given the nature of the real estate industry, it is important to remember that prospective clients may want to feel that they are dealing with an agent who knows how to engage with their clients, and has knowledge outside of real estate. An agent who can demonstrate knowledge and skills across a range of areas may have greater success than an agent who can only talk about real estate. By connecting to your prospective clients on a personal level, you may possible find that they think of your business favourably. 

Use the power of video. 

It’s no secret that professional photographers work very hard to put a property in the best light possible. However, posting a video footage of a listing may help potential buyers to get a better picture of the property. You can also create DIY clips or introductions for your staff.  Videos can be uploaded to Facebook and Instagram, or through a YouTube Channel for your agency.

Use word-of-mouth to your advantage.


It seems that traditional word-of-mouth recommendation could be receiving modernisation through tagging on social media. Many people post large amounts of the details of their life on some form of social media, and real estate purchases or sales play a big part of people’s lives. Think about encouraging your clients to tag you in their posts, this could help to ensure that many of their friends and families are made aware of your dedication and hard work that helped them out. 

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