Crows Nest

Originally part of Wollstonecraft, under the 524 acre land grant given to Edward Wollstonecraft, it eventually obtained its own identity. Unlike most surrounding suburbs, Crows Nest is not named after a person, but rather named after a cottage built by Edward Wollstonecraft called "The Crows Nest". He named it this on account of the elevated and commanding position it held.

The development of lower North Shore real estate was slow, and while the North Shore line was completed in the 1890's, active settlement of Crows Nest and the surrounding lower North Shore suburbs didn't really take off until after the completion of the Sydney Harbour Bridge in 1932.

Crows Nest Real Estate The original gates of Crows Nest House.
Nowadays Crows Nest has a significant commercial district and is best known for the great choice of pubs, bars and restaurants. You will find that Crows Nest real estate is a mix of commercial and residential, but both tie in very nicely together. Arguably a contributing factor as to why that those who choose to live there, do so.

You will love the atmosphere of Crows Nest, coupled with the close location to the Sydney CBD amongst other business hot spots such as North Sydney and St Leonards, it makes a great centralised location to be in.