Maroubra NSW 2035

Stable and successful bussiness for the past 17years

1.Type of business: Athens Cake
2.General description:
High volume of pedestrian, drinks, cake ,coffee,cookies
3.Lease term: 3 years remaining, new lease will be negotiable.
4.Trading hours: Mon - wed: 8am-6pm,thur- Sat:8am-7pm, Sun:8:30am-5:30pm
5.Weekly turn over(Approx.): over $10,000 (Greek easter and Greek nameday season more busy)
6.Weekly Expenses(Approx.): $6060
(Rent:$1,310 incl GST, cost of goods: $1350, wage,:$2500,outgoings:$400 more details: contact agent)
7.Weekly net profit: $3,500-4000
8.Price: $110,000
Please contact kay on 0413 087 949 for more details.