18 Castlereagh Vista, Millbridge WA 6232


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ID: 392696
Land Area: 705 m²

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When I say Rare I mean Rare

You cannot and will not ever be able to buy a block of land in this state right on a water way, most cases there is always a road between a water way and residential developments that's how the state planning want it. The developer fought and you guessed it Millbridge is one of the rare developments where you can buy land right along water, Millers Creek in fact, in this little division only 5 blocks are on the creek and this is the only one for sale.

You will discover beautiful parks, wildlife, walkways and amenities in Millbridge. It's close to schools, Eaton Fair Shopping Centre and the new Millbridge/Treendale bridge is only 12 months away linking the 2 developments together which will be fantastic to get to Treendale Shops or Bunnings within a few minutes.

Why do I know all this? I live there and it's a fantastic safe and beautiful place to live.