Flinders Park SA 5025

Australia's largest bird & cage supplier- freehold and business

This business and freehold is Australia's largest and most prominent Bird and cage auppliers. Stocking up to 4000 birds, in over 100 different shapes, sizes and colours.

Offered walk in, walk out Business and Freehold. The owner is retiring, but is happy to stay on in some capacity if required.

This is Australia's largest bird and cage supplier, specialising in exotic and common birds. They have over 40 years of experience.

Everyone is surprised at how large the premise is as it is located at the back of a house. As you enter they have a variety of large patio cages which vary from macaw down to budgies. Outside they then have our aviaries with a wide range of birds from finches and canaries to black cockatoos. They also have an area for bird accessories such as bird hammocks, seed containers and nest boxes. From there you move onto the bird room.

There is two major arears of growth available:

1. Website which would enable you to send stock all over Australia

2. Bird Boarding, there is the space to add this to the business which will provide regular income

The property is situated on 831 m2 and provide huge future growth possibilities