A little can go a long way

Effective communicative is one of the common traits shared by successful real estate agents and being able to clearly communicate your value proposition could assist you in winning listings. To assist you in achieving the best results for you, your clients and your agency it may be worth implementing these three quick tips.

1. Non-verbal communication: To help foster a good relationship with your client it can be useful to convey positive body language. You can show interest in what your client is saying by sustaining eye contact, using gently nodding to show understanding and incorporating other simple forms of non-verbal communication such as sitting upright in your chair.

2. Verbal communication: It may be worthwhile to be mindful of your articulation and expression when communicating verbally with clients of varying demographics and cultures. It’s wise to use clear and concise language to ensure your message is conveyed without confusion and you may also benefit from being mindful of your pitch and tone, raising your pitch to emphasise a key point and using an assuring tone can express enthusiasm.

3. Online communication: Email is becoming an increasingly preferred means of communication due to its accessibility and convenience. However it is important that you treat every email as a reflection of your personality and expertise no matter how trivial the topic matter may be. It could be a good idea to provide context to your emails with a short, concise explanation to open the email providing the reason for your email and any expected outcomes or action the recipient is expected to take. Proofreading your emails may also be helpful as emails with correct spelling and grammar are likely to be better understood and may help to strengthen your professional image.

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