Avoiding spring burnout

With the spring selling season approaching, it’s a good opportunity to take a moment to make sure you’re performing as efficiently as possible, in order to achieve the best results possible at this busy time of year. Below are three tips which may assist with sharpening up your time management skills to help you perform this spring.

Plan the day before: it can be a good idea to take 10 minutes every evening to enter scheduled meetings and outstanding tasks into your tablet, smart phone or diary. By doing this, when you arrive at the office the following morning you have a clear plan for your day, with time allocated for important meetings, tasks and phone calls. While it may be useful to make the most of your time in this manner, it could also be useful to leave gaps in your day for the unexpected, as these free time blocks allow you to pop out for a coffee with an associate or catch up after an appointment that runs late.

Prioritise your tasks: inevitably, there are some tasks that are mundane but unavoidable, and to avoid any procrastination pitfalls it can be a good idea to knock these responsibilities off early in the day. It can also be wise to focus on income-producing activities such as developing new business early in the day while you’re fresh. Prioritising tasks can also help alleviate stress by assisting to work through tasks in a logical fashion.

Be an early bird: a brief early morning exercise session and early arrival at the office can be a great way to start the day, especially as an early start may help you to efficiently despatch of urgent tasks with minimal interruption. Due to this, regardless of your regular morning routine, it may be useful to arrive early in the office during these busy periods to ensure you get the most out of every day.

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