Best practice communication with your sellers

As a real estate agent you will no doubt understand that much of your role involves managing the expectations of your vendor clients.  Communication is a big part of this process, and it is important that you understand your clients’ preferred methods of communicating from the outset so as to ensure that the sales process is a smooth one for all parties.  

With so many forms of staying in touch now available, it is likely that different clients will favour different forms of being kept in the loop.  While some will expect daily verbal updates, whether it be over the phone or in person, others may not even be in the country and could simply require regular activity summaries via email. 

For this reason it is important to establish from the outset your clients’ preferred method of communication when selling a property.  This will likely make it much easier for you to satisfy the expectations of your clients and potentially make your job much more streamlined. 

For example, some vendors may stipulate that they only want to hear about certain events in the sales process; knowing this preference from the beginning can help you to save time and get on with the job of selling the properties of these clients successfully.   

Alternatively, you may have a client who wishes to be verbally updated about the progress of the sale of their property every step of the way.  With an understanding of this preference, you can put effort into maintaining regular contact with this client, ensuring they are highly satisfied with the level of service you provide. 

The Seller Login program offered by CENTURY 21 through the eSales platform in offices is a very handy tool that allows real estate agents to keep their clients up to date with the sale of a property.  With real estate agents entering information into the program about progress made and activities taking place, sellers can login as little or as much as they want to remain in the loop.  This program is particularly helpful for people who want to remain informed, yet don’t necessarily need to speak to their real estate agent daily. 

Communication with your vendor clients is a big part of your role as a CENTURY 21 real estate agent, and the means and frequency with which you contact your clients often has a significant impact on their final levels of satisfaction with the service they have received from you.  In establishing from the outset your clients’ expectations as to how much or how little they wish to be updated regarding the sale, you will have a much better chance of ensuring they are happy with you as their real estate agent.

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