Is your work attire appropriate?

No matter what industry you work in, choosing appropriate clothing to wear to work on a daily basis can be surprisingly challenging.  While many workplaces have guidelines that employees are expected to adhere to, these can often be vague and lack information. 

Real estate is very much a people-focused profession; relationships need to be formed with both vendors and buyers to ensure smooth selling processes and future business.  To successfully form and cultivate such relationships, a real estate agent usually needs to present a sharp, well-put together image, reflective of their competency and attention to detail. 

Along with body language and our choice of words, the clothes that we wear contribute a fair proportion to this image.  While as a real estate agent you should wear clothes that make you feel comfortable and confident, it is also important to understand that the clothes you put on will help your clients to feel assured about your professional approach, and will ensure buyers see you as a potential agent for their own property. 

A suit can be a fail-safe, easy option
Having a well-fitted suit ready-to-go in your wardrobe can often be an easy solution to looking professional easily.  A suit will always be an appropriate option especially when meeting with clients and conducting public property inspections.  However note that even a suit can be a poor choice if not cleaned and pressed properly. 

Pay attention to length
Arguably this point is slightly more applicable to female agents.  When wearing a skirt, try to avoid a hem that is too far above the knee.  A skirt that is too short can often attract attention for the wrong reasons, detracting from the professional image you wish to convey.  Men too should note that a short pant length is not advised.  

Choose well-fitting pieces
For both men and women, there is often nothing worse than wearing a piece of clothing that doesn’t fit you properly.  Clothes that are too loose or too tight often leave you feeling messy or uncomfortable and can have a surprising impact on your self-confidence, not to mention the fact that it may look sloppy to clients. 

Ultra casual clothes are inappropriate at most times
We all have days where the idea of dressing up to go to work feels like a huge challenge and the temptation of wearing comfortable gear better suited to lounging around at home can be enticing.  Try to avoid going to work looking anything less than what you would be happy to present to your clients in.  Not only could you be sprung with a surprise client meeting, you also want to avoid setting an inappropriate example to others in the office and get into a bad habit yourself. 

The clothes we choose to wear are often seen to outsiders as reflections of ourselves.  In your professional capacity as a real estate agent, it is important to present with qualities such as attention to detail and confidence, assuring people that you are the best choice of agent to sell their home.  Like it or not your clothes can have an impact on this image that is presented, so try to dress to impress.

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