Managing difficult clients

It is highly likely that at some point over the course of a career, real estate agents will find themselves working with one or two clients who have the tendency of making the property selling process somewhat challenging. 

Whether this be due to a personality clash, unreasonable expectations or perhaps a language barrier (amongst other reasons), you as a professional agent will still need to deal with the situation – the sooner you can do so the better the outcome will likely be for all involved. 

 Here are some suggestions for real estate agents working with difficult clients. 


Manage expectations from the outset

It is important for you as a real estate agent to outline your role and the inclusions in your service package to your vendor clients at the very beginning of your working relationship.  If you are clear upfront, then there is a reduced likelihood of upset further down the track when certain tasks (outside of your responsibilities) have not been accomplished.  In addition, in setting up such expectations early, anything you do that sees you go beyond the service you said you were going to provide is more likely to be appreciated, as opposed to being expected.   


Keep your cool and always be polite

If you sense that a situation with a client is getting slightly out of control, or if you find yourself getting angry, take some time to regroup and prepare a careful response.  Getting angry or upset with a client is unlikely to help the situation, rather it may paint you as being incompetent and unprofessional, which is unlikely to be the case.   

If you can work to maintain your composure and a polite disposition, there is less of a chance that your client will find fault with your professionalism, and your calm manner could help to diffuse the situation. 

Deal with issues promptly

If issues arise with a client at work, they are usually best dealt with swiftly, as letting them linger may only inflame a situation or worsen a tenuous relationship.  By addressing problems head on, starting, for instance, with a simple phone call, you may find that a crisis can be averted and you earn the respect of both your clients and peers. 

While it can be hard to get along with absolutely everybody, when the situation involves a client it is important to act in a professional and rational manner.  This will help to ensure that your clients are satisfied with the service you have provided them, regardless of any personal differences, and will see your reputation as a real estate agent left intact, or even enhanced.

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