Prioritising your to-do list

As a busy real estate agent, it is often the case that on more days that not your head will be buzzing with all of the things that you need to do.  These tasks range from the personal (“I can’t put off getting my car serviced for any longer”) to your work environment (“I need to organize a photographer for that house, the advertising needs to be booked for that client…”, etc). 

The list goes on, and unfortunately in your head, the tasks seem to form one big jumble of THINGS TO DO, with no real order yet often a fair bit of stress.

In order to work most efficiently through your tasks, they need to be set out clearly and then prioritised.  Prioritising will help you to get the most important tasks completed and out of the way. 

The best place to start is to look at each of your tasks and consider timing.  What is absolutely essential to complete and what can you afford to do later? Obviously if you have a property advertising deadline in half an hour, or a printing bill due tomorrow, in many cases the deadline will take precedence. 

Your colleagues are also important to consider.  Is somebody waiting on a body of work from you to complete their own project due by close of business today? If you have another task that can wait until tomorrow, perhaps consider moving the work for your co-worker to top-level priority status. 

Clients are also important to factor into how you prioritise your day.  If you put a certain task off until tomorrow, are you going to lose an important new listing? If sudden arrangements need to be made for a client auctioning their house tomorrow, it could be more important to reprioritize and take care of these tasks, rather than continuing what you need to have done by the following week. 

In the end, you can’t get absolutely everything done at once, and certain decisions will need to be made to ensure that you complete your tasks efficiently. 

Once you have prioritised, set yourself a reasonable number to aim to complete by the end of the day, allowing yourself a certain amount of time for each.  At the end of each day, if you get a chance, try to reassess your progress and determine the following day’s tasks. 

By setting a reasonable goal you may not feel as overwhelmed as you could have if you had set your entire to-do list as your aim for one day.  This should allow you to work more efficiently, increasing your overall productivity and therefore your success as a real estate agent. 



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