Stress management tips for agents under pressure


A career in real estate can be stressful at different points; clients can’t always be happy, market conditions can fluctuate, and even simple day-to-day tasks like getting to meetings on time can present occasional difficulties. Despite this, managing stress is a skill that can be learned and, as such, we have decided to share five quick tips to help you stay calm in the workplace.


1. Embrace stress: research released earlier this year by Yale University showed that individuals who have a positive mindset towards stress are likely to have higher levels of productivity, health and life satisfaction. With this in mind, try to make stress a constructive rather than destructive influence on your work life. Approach stressful situations with an open and positive attitude, and you may be surprised at the results;


2. Take 10: taking a break – even for 10 minutes – may help you to gain a sense of calm and focus. Through stepping away from a stressful situation for a short period, you can give yourself an opportunity to reflect, refresh and get back into work with a clear head;


3. Cut yourself some slack: self-compassion is commonly overlooked as an effective method for dealing with stress. Some US studies have found that self-compassionate people deal with stress in more constructive ways. Remember – to err is human, so don’t be too hard on yourself;


4. Take a deep breath: breathing deeply releases a flow of oxygen to the brain and blood supply, working to calm the body and release tension. So next time you find yourself overwhelmed by your “do-to” list or upset by a situation, take a few deep breaths and you’ll likely feel a little bit better.


Through implementing these four simple tips, you may be able to better deal with stressful situations in the workplace. Though not all of these methods may necessarily work for you, some likely will – so relax, try them out and hopefully you’ll see some results.

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