Working effectively with difficult colleagues

In many office environments you may come across colleagues whom, for whatever reason, you simply do not gel with.  This could be due to a number of interpersonal reasons, including personality clashes, varying ethics or private issues.  Then there are the bullies of the office, those who refuse to collaborate and people who do not pull their weight. 

There is no doubt that working with difficult colleagues can sometimes be tough.  However, as a CENTURY 21 real estate agent it is important to develop the skills necessary to manage your relationships with the assortment of different personalities that you may come across in the workplace.  

Developing such mechanisms should help you to keep your own feelings and actions in check when working with such colleagues, hopefully reducing the negative impact these people may have on you and helping to make your working experience more enjoyable and successful.

Here are four tips to help you deal with difficult colleagues:

1. Remain calm – losing your temper is not the most effective way to induce collaboration with a difficult colleague.  It is usually best to remain calm until you are able to develop an understanding of the person’s reasons for acting as they do. 

2. Connect on a personal level – with emails, mobile phones and messaging systems, issues with your fellow employees may arise simply through instances where messages are misunderstood or taken the wrong way.  Reinstating face to face or at least voice contact with your colleagues could go a long way to help you build mutual understanding and stronger relationships.

3. Have respect – despite your frustration, always treat your colleagues with respect, even in difficult situations.  No one likes to be treated as if they are unintelligent, incompetent or incapable (even if you think they are), and your suggestion as such may only cause the situation and relationship to deteriorate further. 

4. Ignore or take action – if you have tried everything in your power to address the conflict you seem to have with a colleague then you can either choose to ignore their attitude and behaviour, or if all else fails refer the matter to a higher authority for resolution. 

Regardless of the mixture of personalities within a real estate office, agents must learn to cooperate with each other in order to continue to achieve successful sales results.  While you don’t have to be best friends with everyone at work, in most cases you will still have to work with everyone.

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