Property Management

Thinking of renting your property?

There are numerous advantages to using the property management services offered by Century 21 Western/Coastal. It is more than just listing your investment property for rent. With our extensive knowledge of the rental market in the western and surrounding suburbs, we have an understanding of what your property is worth in current market conditions, resulting in short vacancy periods and higher returns on your investment. Our property managers have extensive knowledge/experience in screening tenants, leasing agreements and all the legal requirements needed during the leasing of the property.

It is common that property management departments are under resourced and staff are overworked with minimal support. Here at Century 21 Western/Coastal, we recognise the importance and value of a supportive and well equipped working environment, which ensures our clients receive the best possible service.

Once your property is rented, our experienced property managers will ensure your investment is managed effectively, through our tried and tested streamlined processes and offer clear lines of communication with both the landlord and tenants. Our dedicated team will handle any maintenance issues, ensure tenants are honouring their agreements and legislative requirements are upheld by all parties.

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