My HOME STYLING gets the buyers SMILING

This absolutely stunning STELLAR home that's graced all of our TV's in 2014 needs no real introduction but none the less we still used all of our HOME STYLING know how to present it to perfection. As a result this jaw dropping property SOLD in world record time to the very 1st buyer that viewed it...and deservedly so!!

The vendors had priced the property accurately based on my recommendations, presented the home to absolute perfection both internally and externally and the end result was a very happy sale for all concerned.

They say presentation isn't the only thing...... it's EVERYTHING!!..... and that together with correct pricing ensures that nothing could be more true!! So if you're looking for the very best price that your home can achieve, then i have the touch to make your sale price REACH FOR THE STARS!!

This was another JASON SELLER- BRATION!!

Born on the 1st January 2015

Introducing our brand new office at the Hub Shopping centre, its position is guaranteed to add that little bit extra exposure for your biggest asset. Set right next to Bakers Delight and on the main thoroughfare between Coles, Woolworths and BankSA our pride and joy offers a classy contemporary feel throughout....From the beautiful gloss white reception desk, the new polished timber floors, the little touches of stainless steel, the highlights of bright gold/ gloss white client signing area its a wonderful place to do business!!


If you like it then you better put a ring on it...


Introducing the Dream Team....Yes after 40 years i decided to waive my cooling off rights, put myself under contract and marry this extremely talented girl that i first met in Graz Austria back in 2010.

Vi is an amazing girl who's fluent in German, Thai and is now well on her way to mastering the English language as well....just an amazing achievement in such a short period of time!! She's highly intelligent and i am proud to say that she's my best friend too

Together we haven't just climbed the Austrian Alps we've also climbed the immigration alps as well and they've been a lot taller than the Austrian ones...let me tell you!!

They say love conquers all and that's certainly the case with us. I am looking forward to Vi Joining me on this amazing new journey with this incredible brand CENTURY 21

Makeovers on a budget

One of the most amazing things i have ever done in my career is to be able to offer VACANT HOME MAKEOVERS for those on a real budget.

Home styling for me started in 1999 well before it was fashionable or it was glamourized on TV, so to say we were ahead of our time would be an understatement. The next step was to make it affordable to the masses where everyday mums and dads could furnish their investment property to give their property the best shot of getting the very best price possible.

In my opinion my HOME STYLING is the best value in the area and not only that, the price that i quote is fixed no matter how long your property takes to sell. As a result the pressure is off to sell the home quickly because you're not charged 1000's for the first 4 weeks and then weekly for the hire of the furniture thereafter.

This very recent example above at Kensington Gardens came off the back of some other fantastic makeover success stories.

This particular property SOLD well in advance of the area average for 'days on market' with buyer interaction constantly 2 times higher than the competition and multiple offers being received along the way......This happens time and time again and that's why we LOVE IT!!

Don't just SELL.....sell WELL!!

There's photography and then there's photography!!

This is how you photograph a property!!

They say oils ain't oils and now we can absolutley apply that to photographers too!!

This beautiful home went from having 1-2 groups through a 1 hour open with another agency to having 16 groups through the first 30 minute open, 16 through the second 30 minute open and 24 through the last and final open and the result........SOLD....SOLD...SOLD.

If you saw the photos of this property before i got involved in the sale you'd swear you were looking at a totally different home. They were dull, lifeless and gave absolutely no impression of what this home was really like.

This is where it's absolutely crucial that you employ an agent who has the runs on the board and is in tune with everything that's required to achieve the very best price for you the vendor

Simple presentation ideas, twilight photography, correct pricing and vendors that actually listened all contributed to an OUTSTANDING sales result in record time.

Don't just SELL........sell WELL!!


Yes we can now proudly say that we have now sold our very 1st property after being in business for just over 3 weeks.....a fantastic result given we launched the new business oh so close to Christmas.

This sale at 23 Gully Rd, Seacliff Park went like absolute clockwork from start to finish. It all started with the vendors teaming up to create a beautifully presented home both externally and internally and that was backed up with a couple of home styling pieces from our office.

The feedback at open inspections was sensational in relation to the presentation and the general feel of the property and that was all complemented by a flawless performance by our agency.