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Negativity in the workplace

One thing that amazes me when people gripe about their work is how often the problem of negativity comes up. It seems there’s a lot of bad vibes about in workplaces, and it affects staff morale like few other things. Negative people and negative behavior drains the energy of everyone who is exposed to it. It demotivates people and shifts the attention away from important matters to something that shouldn’t be happening at all.


As I am such a positive person, I thought I would share a few insights into how to reduce the chances of negativity in the workplace. Usually the first step to fixing the problem is knowing what’s causing it. Negativity is often spawned from a loss of confidence or a loss of the feeling of control, and in business – particularly in real estate – this can happen often, and rapidly. Just look at the GFC which started towards the end of last year. Such a rapid change in a market that many thought was infallible is likely to have bred negativity throughout real estate agents and agencies internationally. Feeling you have no control over your environment, and worse, your business, can provide the breeding ground for bad thoughts and bad vibes.


One thing you need to do if you’re noticing negativity in your work environment, in your staff, or even in one person with whom you deal is to deal with it swiftly. Ideally you will be able to create an environment where negativity doesn’t occur in the first place, but if it does here are my incredibly positive and very handy hints to keep it to a minimum.


As I have spruiked the benefits of before, the number one tactic in avoiding a negative workplace is communication. Sharing information reduces uncertainty and it should be done in a friendly, non-petty manner. Yes, that can sometimes be incredibly difficult, but it’s what needs to happen. Show that good work is appreciated, and that individuals are valued, and encourage social interaction among the people who work together. Happy people aren’t usually negative people. If negativity does occur, tackle it head on and without delay – figure out what’s causing it and try to find a solution. Whining about problems without taking action is one the biggest causes for a negative atmosphere and it’s an easy element to remove.

If you are a manager or someone’s boss, demonstrating that you’re not prepared to accept a negative workplace is likely to work wonders for your team’s morale. If you’re a negative employee, changing your attitude is going to benefit not just who you work for but you – it takes a lot of energy to be angry and bitter!     

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