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The benefits of buying established property

The benefits of buying established property

When making a large property purchase, it is natural to want to buy something shiny and new.

The appeal of a brand new property is understandable, however, buyers would be wise to consider the benefits of buying an established property.

Established homes may be located in a thriving area with plenty of infrastructure, in comparison to an emerging area where many new homes and off-the-plan developments are popping up. Factors such as proximity to transport or schools can help contribute to a strong and consistent rental return and future capital growth.

Established homes may provide a greater opportunity to negotiate a purchase, as you negotiate with home owners who may be selling for personal rather than commercial reasons. If you have the chance to converse with the vendor, discovering their motivation for selling may place you in a position to make an offer that meets their needs. For example, if they are relocating for work then time may be of the essence for the sale. Specifying a time period in your offer could distinguish you from many other potential buyers and help to secure the best deal.

Established homes still have the potential for renovations and alterations. Even simple cosmetic renovations or makeovers of the major rooms in a home may add significant value when the time comes to sell in the future.

Advantages and disadvantages exist when purchasing both new and old properties, therefore buyers are encouraged to carefully consider and actively research all options. It may pay to remember that just because something looks aesthetically pleasing – it does not necessarily mean it is the best investment option for the future.

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Five tips for a bathroom blitz

Five tips for a bathroom blitz

In the eyes of potential buyers, bathrooms are amongst the most crucial rooms in the house. As future occupants will be using the room every day, it is important vendors create an appealing space for inspections.

In order to make the best impression and attract buyer attention, here are five tips to freshen up your bathroom ready for sale.

1. Clear the clutter
As with the rest of your house, an overload of personal clutter can be a big turn off. Clear the clutter and even look to add additional storage if you need it and it doesn’t impact on the spaciousness of the room too much.

2. Fix the leaks
If you have become accustomed to a dripping tap and avoided fixing it, the time has come to take action. Selling your house means making all the little repairs that you have ignored.

3. Modern fixtures
Old or rusty fixtures can create an outdated impression. They may appear as red flags for defects in a house that is older, so an easy fix is to update your taps, handles, hooks or towel rails to something more contemporary.

4. Fresh white towels
Shaping the perceptions of potential buyers does not have to be expensive and can be achieved with a few cheap and simple additions. White towels appear fresh, creating an aura of cleanliness.

5. Mirrors
Mirrors are another easy addition to open up a space. If your bathroom is on the smaller side then this is a handy trick to consider. Choose a mirror style or frame to suit the feel of your home and a size that is not too overwhelming for the available space.

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Retirement real estate

Retirement real estate

As many older Australians close the chapter on their working lives, turning the page to a well earned retirement, their property needs may change.

For some, they may not have encountered the need to buy or sell for a long time, whilst others may be looking for a very different type of property to spend their retirement in. Providing informed advice will be incredibly valuable to seniors, helping to ensure minimal stress during this transitionary period.

Knowledge of what property would be suitable for seniors in your area will be important. Keep in mind demographics of certain locations or properties that provide access to facilities, including transport, shopping centres, places to socialise or health care services, which may rank highly on their priority list.

Avoiding assumptions
Whilst many seniors may be seeking a smaller, more manageable property, this may not be the case for all. Others may be cashing in on substantial retirement savings and seeking more space as they engage in new hobbies, want to entertain large family gatherings or build flourishing gardens. Avoid making assumptions about what types of properties retirees may be looking for and where. Rather, clearly define their objectives and match them with your local market knowledge.

'Sea changes' and 'tree changes'
The desire to make a bigger move may be a dream that can become a reality when retirement has arrives. The search for coastal or country properties is a common one, therefore extending the borders of what is offered outside city centres can be a valuable endeavour in the eyes of senior clients. This may mean if you are selling a retiree's property, a referral to other CENTURY 21 agents that cover sea and tree change areas may be highly valued.

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RBA leaves cash rate on hold at 2 per cent

RBA rate hold: 2.00%

CENTURY 21, the largest real estate sales organisation in the Asia Pacific region, believes the Reserve Bank’s decision to maintain the cash rate at two per cent is a positive move for the property market.

"Despite a slight loss of steam in the property market of late, property prices seem to be holding up reasonably well across Australia," said CENTURY 21 Australasia Chairman and Owner, Charles Tarbey.

"There has been concerns raised about increasing supply levels and the effects this may have on the market.

"The market may continue to stabilise but is unlikely to crash as buyers can still access very cheap debt and homeowners are currently not under pressure from rising rates.

"This situation could change in the future but at present, the market looks reasonably healthy," said Charles Tarbey.

Core Logic RP Data information from the first quarter of 2015 shows a 1.6 per cent rise in dwelling values across the capital cities, starkly contrasting to the same quarter in 2015, where growth increased by three per cent.

CENTURY 21 encourages potential buyers who are looking to purchase real estate to ensure they have obtained the appropriate professional property and finance advice before doing so.

With over 3,000 offices, CENTURY 21 is the largest real estate sales organisation in the Asia Pacific region, a region vital to Australia’s continued economic success.

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Keeping emotion out of the equation

Keeping emotion out of the equation

Understandably, many of us have a strong emotional attachment to our homes. However, when it comes to buying and selling property, we must try to ensure these feelings do not affect the important judgements that must be made.

Here are three situations where you should avoid letting emotion get in the way of negotiating the best deal.

1. When you aren’t sure about a home
'Analysis paralysis’ is a common saying, warning of the perils of overthinking. You may become nervous about committing to a purchase, unsure about whether something else is out there. Consistent research will help you to overcome these nerves and allow you to act quickly and confidently when the right property appears.

2. When you have found the 'perfect' home
It is important to avoid overextending yourself for what seems like a 'dream home'. Before letting yourself fall in love with a property, ensure it fits within the price range you have determined. Also, ensure the right inspections are completed so you do not over pay for a property that may not live up to your expectations.

3. When you are selling a home
When the time comes to sell a home you have loved, it is important to emotionally detach yourself and let go. Be open to the advice of agents, for example, when attachment to your property may affect setting the most desirable price. Whilst this may be hard, agents will have the best result for your property in mind.

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