A great time to invest in property

 Despite last week’s rate rise, a lot of the real estate industry is saying that now still a great time to invest, and I agree. Whilst many of us were getting worked up about a horse race, others saw the news of an interest rate rise as a terrible event. As a real estate agent, and being close to the market, although a rate rise is rarely considered good for those with mortgages or who are considering a mortgage, there are still property bargains available for those who want to get into the property market.   

Often, people tend to forget that most property purchases should be looked at as a long term investment. On occasion, you will find opportunities to flip a purchase and make a quick profit in some instances, but in most cases, you need to take a long-term view of your property investments. While prices in many areas are still recovering and rates are still lower than they have been for a long time, it’s a great time to start thinking about property investments. 

Improving employment figures and the lifting share market is resulting in buyers expanding their horizons beyond cheaper properties, and previously stagnant homes for sale in the upper price brackets are now beginning to move. Reports are also beginning to show that mortgage enquiries from property investors are also on the increase. The market is reacting very positively to the recent changes, even if there has been doubt about the impact of rising rates. After such an unpredictable ride for most of 2009, it’s actually a welcome stabling for those of us in the industry, as well as for buyers and sellers. Activity has been consistently increasing and improving since the last September quarter. 

This market offers perfect investment timing and spring has brought with it an increase in activity in the market. We in the property industry are expecting increasing demand, strong yields and good future capital gains to continue to bring investors back to the real estate market. At CENTURY 21, we’re experiencing incredible demand for the properties we have listed. Our franchise offices are basically selling stock as soon as they have it on their books – and that’s a great sign!     

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