Balancing work and life

Life may seem to get busier every year. Work, family and social commitments can feel like they get harder to balance. When this happens, people can be tempted to let let their personal lives fall to the wayside in favour of work. While there is nothing wrong with being career focused, it is important to make time for the personal aspects of your life.

Here are 4 ways that may help you to find a better balance in your life:

1. Schedule your down time.

Don’t rely just on the weekend for your downtime. Try to find time each day to spend quality time with your family or friends. If you are a working parent, take the opportunity to play with your kids, or if they are a bit older, make sure you are available to talk and keep track of what is going on in their life. Couples could consider making meal times a ‘work free’ zone where conversation is not allowed to focus on work, or work related topics.

2. Be healthy.

Busy lives can often lead to a lack of exercise, which can in turn have detrimental effects on your physical and mental wellbeing.  Enhancing your health could give you energy and vitality in your day, and help bring balance to your life. Try to formulate an exercise regime for your week, whether it is going to the gym or getting outdoors for a walk; set aside time every day to get up and get moving.  By looking after your health, you are less likely to need time off work, and might be more able to enjoy life outside of work.

3. Prioritise.

Work out what tasks are most important in your day or week, and try to eliminate anything that is not necessary in your day to day life. Having clutter in your life might not only overwhelm you, but also might make you lose focus on what is really important. As an example, if you feel like social media is taking up a lot of your ‘down time’ consider getting rid of it or saving it for the weekends.   It is easier to balance your life, if there is less to balance.

4. Have some ‘me’ time.

Many of us can feel the desire to constantly interact with others. However, it is important to spend time on your own.  Even if you only set aside 10 minutes of your day to read a trashy novel, take a bath or simply sit quietly, this time could give you space to breathe and reconnect with yourself.

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