Beyond the view – the importance of windows

I must admit, for features that provide me with an enjoyable outlook daily, I give little conscious consideration to the windows in both my office and home.  Yet, the very presence of them discreetly assists in day to day activities.  They provide natural light, which helps to wake me up in the morning and get me through the day, they can be opened to allow in fresh air, and they can make a house/office/room seem more spacious. 

I was prompted to think about the role that windows play in our lives when I came across an article on the Domain blog MyPad recently entitled ‘“A Room with a View” and the design of windows’ (16 August, 2011) written by architect and designer Jon King.

In the article King muses about the multiple, often conflicting, functions and roles that windows play in the overall design of a building. Windows are essential for ventilation, capturing outside warmth, connecting the inside to the outside, privacy and security – all at the same time.   

While performing these roles, windows must also be functional, opening and closing easily, locking practically and efficiently. 

The author notes that window design seems to be a continuing exercise in which these various roles and functions are not quite truly resolved, despite having been a building consideration for thousands of years. 

Reading this article impelled me to consider the importance of windows in Australian homes, and what home buyers may seek (perhaps subconsciously) to gain from the windows in properties they purchase. 

Many people that I come across wish to buy homes that are light-filled, which is usually a result of the number and size of windows in the property, as well as the direction it faces. 

Windows are also playing a more prominent role as we move to ensure our properties have increased levels of energy efficiency.   Various types of advanced glass can help to both capture and repel heat, ensuring that rooms are kept warm in winter and cool in summer, thereby reducing reliance on air-conditioners and heating systems and as a result, energy costs. 

In addition, Australian families definitely enjoy their time outdoors, and many home buyers will look for well-placed windows and doors that minimise the disconnect between inside and outside.

Ironically, for a feature of a home that you look straight through, windows are certainly important to the design of a home, and have the potential to affect your enjoyment of your property.  You may find that window design and placement are integral when you consider the various aspects of a property that are important to you. 

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Packing Service

Packing Service wrote on 24/09/2011 3:22 PM

I don't like living in home without windows. You can't let the fresh air come in.
Home Windows Houston

Home Windows Houston wrote on 15/12/2012 4:00 PM

Windows not only provides air flow to the house but also adds beauty to the home. Choosing the right window for house at right place can do many magic to the home.

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