CENTURY 21 launches Australian first real estate game ‘Property Mogul’

CENTURY 21 views technology as an integral part of the real estate industry.  We pride ourselves on being at the forefront of developing innovations that allow us to give our agents and clients easier ways of achieving their property goals.

On that note, following on from the successes of Smartbook and our property iPhone app, we are excited to announce the launch of Property Mogul – a free online game that we believe is set to change the way Australians think about real estate. 

 According to CENTURY 21 Australia Chairman and Owner Charles Tarbey, the game is an entertaining and interactive game where players buy, sell and manage real estate, allowing them to apply real life principles to achieve virtual property tycoon status.  Property Mogul aims to give Australians a fun way to learn about the fundamentals of buying and selling real estate in a fictional world against competitors. 

Built around a fictional city, Centropolis, the game is made up of 16 different neighbourhoods including a central business district, wealthy beachside and middle class suburbs along with outer rural suburbs.  Each has its own unique landscape, properties and services. 

Players are given one property and $1 million in virtual cash to start playing with and through the buying, selling and management of properties, both residential and commercial, progress through a number of levels and achieve awards based on game success. 

As would occur in real life, users are faced with different scenarios and events that require them to make choices – the consequences of which could either improve or reduce the value of their property portfolio and affect their journey to become a property mogul. 

In an Australian real estate first, the unique game has been developed to fuse the real world with the online arena.  Players can choose to enter their postcode upon registration and through the use of advanced location-matching technology are then accompanied through the game by a CENTURY 21 agent (‘Guardian Angel’) avatar, which is a virtual representation of an existing real life agent from the player’s local office (please note that the virtual real estate agents featured provide pre-scripted advice and do not represent the views of the actual real estate agents named in the game). 

Players can also gain extra currency with which to play the game by visiting real life CENTURY 21 agencies and physical properties that are open for inspection. 

Not to forget social media, Property Mogul allows users to compete with their friends and other players, featuring both an overall leaderboard as well as a user specific leaderboard showing the ranking of fellow gamers who are Facebook friends.  Users can also post their Property Mogul awards and achievements on Facebook and Twitter. 

I think Charles Tarbey sums the value of the game up pretty well when he says that “while nothing can replace building a real life property empire, Property Mogul represents a fun online game that may just help people get there.”

Property Mogul can be played for free by visiting www.c21propertymogul.com.au

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