CENTURY 21 launches revolutionary property ‘App’ in Australia

Here at CENTURY 21 Australia, we pride ourselves on being at the forefront of innovation when it comes to real estate. 

It therefore gives me great pleasure to announce the launch of the CENTURY 21 iPhone App which is set to change the way Australians buy and sell real estate and will ensure you never miss out on your dream property again. 

The free App is capable of providing users with unique, advanced and instantaneous information on listed CENTURY 21 properties through a series of functions never before seen in Australia.  Users simply stand in front of a property for sale or rent and by using the App can receive a description of the property, price guide, numerous photos, information on the local real estate market and through the use of advanced GPS technology – information on the property’s proximity to local schools, shopping centres, public transport and other areas of interest. 

“The CENTURY 21 iPhone App aims to give users enough on the spot information to facilitate a quick decision as to whether a property is worthy of further investigation or not,” said CENTURY 21 Chairman, Charles Tarbey. 

In an Australian first for a real estate group, the CENTURY 21 App enables users to receive live information on property inspections and auction times – helping to ensure you never miss the chance to view or buy a property.  In another first, the integration of GPS technology allows the App to pinpoint exactly where a user is and accurately identify how close the relevant property is located to schools, shops, parks, hospitals, public transport and many other places worth considering when assessing a property. 

Incorporating a live feed from RP Data, the App can be used to learn about the relevant suburb, including growth rates and median house prices – important information to consider when conducting research in the property purchase process.  According to the CEO of RP Data, Graham Mirabito, by teaming up with RP Data the App helps anyone looking to stay on top of the property market make smarter decisions, with ‘augmented reality’ insights into almost any Australian home, anytime, anywhere. 

“Once of the most exciting benefits of the App is that it allows buyers and sellers to view the sales history of individual properties as well as recent sales in the local area,” said Graham Mirabito. 

“The CENTURY 21 iPhone App is an excellent tool that enables home buyers and sellers to make informed and researched property decisions when it comes to making their biggest financial commitment,” concluded Graham Mirabito. 

While we expect the new technology to be extremely useful for savvy property investors, renters and homebuyers – the App will also be an added weapon for sellers as it will deliver instant and detailed information on a listed CENTURY 21 property 24 hours a day, seven days a week. 

“While the App can’t replace the expert advice and knowledge of the property’s agent, it does provide users with enough information at their fingertips to make a fairly quick judgement as to whether they are serious about a property,” said Charles Tarbey. 

“The free CENTURY 21 App delivers ultimate convenience to buyers and gives CENTURY 21 listings a competitive advantage in the market through the opening of a powerful new marketing channel,” concluded Charles Tarbey. 

Charles and I both hope that the free App makes the buying and researching process easier and more simple for Australians – saving people time and resulting in more informed property purchases.

The App also includes contact details for the property agent and even a local mortgage broker.  It allows users to grade properties and save them into a favourites section. 

So what are you waiting for? Download the freeap App by following this link or by searching for the ‘CENTURY 21 Australia App’ on iTunes. 

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