CENTURY 21 Property App hits over 10,000 downloads

If the download rate of CENTURY 21 Australia’s iPhone Property App is anything to go by, it is fairly clear that Australians are embracing technology to gather information in a timely fashion when buying real estate. 

Since the App was launched in June, it has been downloaded over 10,000 times.  These users are not restricted to Australia – it has also been downloaded in the United Kingdom, the United States, New Zealand, China, Ireland, Korea, Hong Kong, Singapore and France. 

So, how can users get the most from the App? A few handy tips that we have seen to be most useful are as follows:

1. Save properties to your ‘Favourites’ section

In saving properties you will be alerted to any updates from the agent, such as open for inspection times, change in listing status, etc.  This means that you can very quickly and easily remain aware about a property, without having to search for it again. 

2. Take notes about properties of interest

The days of misplacing loose leaf sheets of paper with important information are over.  The App allows you to store your thoughts regarding appealing properties in one easily accessible location.  

3. Access RPData regarding comparable sales in the area

Comparable sales information can provide a very useful reference point as to the selling price a property may likely command.  The App’s feed to RPData gives users incredibly valuable information regarding all properties in an area, not just those listed with CENTURY 21. 

For those who are yet to experience the benefits of the CENTURY 21 iPhone App, why not download it today and see how it can improve your buying experience.  The App is available free from the iTunes store or by visiting http://www.century21.com.au/iphone-app/

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