Century 21 website attracts record amount of online traffic


Century 21 Australia recorded the highest number of unique visitors to the company’s website in its history during the month of October, reflecting growing activity in the property market and the ongoing digitalisation of the real estate group.

The number of unique visitors to Century 21’s Australian website was 27 per cent greater in October 2013 compared to the same month in 2012 and attracted 85 per cent more visitors from mobile devices when comparing the same periods.

“These results reflect the ongoing strengthening of the Australian property market, the global presence of the Century 21 real estate network, and growing international interest in Australian property,” said Chairman and Owner of Century 21 Australasia, Charles Tarbey.

“The growing trend of consumers searching for property information through tablets and mobile devices emphasises the importance of real estate groups being ‘mobile ready’ in order to promote properties to the largest possible buyer pool.”

As part of its ‘mobile ready’ strategy, Century 21 recently introduced affordable video listings with voice over to its network. These videos are believed to have contributed to the increase in mobile traffic over the past year.

“This trend is only going to continue and Australians thinking about selling their home would be prudent to ensure their property can be viewed through these new technologies and is adequately promoted online,” said Charles Tarbey.

Century 21 Australia has invested record sums over the past five years into Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), social media strategies, Apps, media engagement, online real estate games and the optimisation of web content for mobile devices.

The strategy is aimed at ensuring the group and its offices remain highly visible and active in the online arena in order to attract a growing number of customers that may be exploring real estate online.

“Investment into online technologies and marketing is as important to selling a house these days as planting a physical ‘For Sale’ sign in front of a property,” continued Charles Tarbey.

"Century 21 believes it has established a strong online foundation for its offices to benefit off as the market continues to strengthen and consumers increasingly look online to buy and sell real estate,” concluded Charles Tarbey.


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