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The real estate game can be a tough one, as many involved in it currently know. But even in boom times, the ability to attract the right buyer for a property is a skill. I have mentioned CENTURY 21’s focus on training before, and we are constantly trying to provide our agents with the tools to offer our customers the best possible solutions to their buying and selling situations.

Creative selling techniques are often a great way to attract the right people to a home, often making them worth the effort required to think beyond the square, particularly when the property in question has unique features or is a cut above the rest. I recently read about a home for sale in Port Angeles (in Washington State) where the owner is offering a 3 night stay in the property at no cost to potential buyers who are qualified to purchase within the expected sell price bracket. Their time at the property also includes a professionally guided bus tour of the area. 

The idea behind the mini holiday approach to selling is that buyers are likely to be from outside of the area, coupled with the belief that if buyers could actually see the views and experience the home, they would get a sense of how extraordinary the property is. Through finding a like-minded realtor, the promotion of this property is virtually unheard of in the area, but is driven by the understanding that selling the home is a matter of connecting with the right buyer, not just dropping the price in light of current market conditions.  

This story is a great show of the collaboration required between a real estate agent and a home owner to achieve the right marketing strategy and result for a property. Working together to sell a property requires communication and trust, and in this instance, a shared creative approach. The home owner in this story has been happy to pay for additional advertising out of state, designed to attract the out of town buyer he ultimately believes will be the final buyer.

Within the CENTURY 21 network we’ve seen creative approaches to home selling, in recent months a prestige property on the market hosted a party for prospective purchasers so they could experience the home as a home, rather than in a walk through environment. Knowing who your market is, and the best way to promote a home to them is the crux of any selling method. And while its not suitable for everyone or every property, the joy of getting creative in selling is that the home viewing experience is often a lot more enjoyable one for all involved!   
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