CSIRO to conduct study into home energy use

Given the price rises we have seen in electricity of late, many Australians will understandably be looking for ways to best reduce energy consumption at home.  Although there are the obvious solutions that we are all aware of such as lessening the use of heaters/air conditioners and clothes dryers, it would certainly be of interest to find out more regarding other less obvious but equally as practical measures that can be applied to decrease energy use.

To this end, the CSIRO recently announced that it will be conducting a study across 500 homes in Australia that looks at how much energy is used to keep homes warm or cool throughout seasons.  According to Dr Peter Osman, a senior scientist with CSIRO’s Energy Transformed Flagship, by understanding energy use over the year, throughout different seasons, the CSIRO can gain an accurate picture of how the energy efficiency of houses could be improved.

The organisation is calling on the owners of homes that are less than ten years old and located in Adelaide, Brisbane and Melbourne to take part in the study.  The CSIRO says that participants will have a unique opportunity to better understand how their homes use energy with each receiving a detailed report at the end of the study. 

Taking part in the 12 month study involves allowing an Energy Makeovers auditor to take measurements in your home and the installation of a couple of thermometers to monitor the inside temperature and potentially an online energy monitoring device (for eligible households).  You will also be asked to complete a short questionnaire and provide your last two years of energy bills and your house plans and energy ratings. 

According to the CSIRO’s website, the benefits of taking part in the study include:
• Learning how to reduce energy bills;
• A report on your home’s heating and cooling energy performance;
• A set of infrared photographs that show if you are losing heating and cooling and where it is going; and
• $100 cash for looking after and returning a pair of thermometers.
The study has been funded by the Department of Climate Change and Energy Efficiency. 

For more information about what is involved in the study and to register, please visit www.csiro.au/science/home-energy-evaluation.html

Registrations for the study close on 5 September 2011. 

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