Don't burn your bridges

I have to admit that I’ve burned some bridges in my past. Some have been related to my career in real estate, and others have been completely unrelated. There are others that I’ve left intact that I really, really wanted to see go up in smoke but the sensible side of me prevailed and I didn’t tell people what I really thought of them because a glimmer of crossing paths or needing assistance in the future remained. But I think all of us have at one time or another thought about burning bridges with little regard for what repercussions that may have in the future.

As a real estate agent, you encounter a very diverse range of people and it goes without saying that some you get along with, and some you don’t as much. But being a professional in this little game we call property, a good real estate agent realizes that you can’t afford to leave anyone with a negative impression of you or your business – hence, don’t burn your bridges.  

While I am the first to admit that telling someone what you really think of them, or where precisely they can put their opinion, feels fantastic, it often means the end of the relationship and any future business or potential. And as difficult as it is to bite your tongue when you’ve been wronged or have just had enough, sometimes you need to remind yourself not to burn your bridges.

I’ve heard so many stories about real estate professionals who have put in the hard yards for a buying client only to find out they’ve eventually bought through another realtor. These agents are rightfully miffed and a few I know have fought an internal battle not to burn those bridges, and it’s paid off. The clients actually returned to the real estate agent in question when they wanted to sell their property, and not that long after they’d bought it.  When you’re a real estate agent, building relationships, or bridges, is part of the deal, so burning them shouldn’t be.
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