Downsizing? Transition with ease

Many people will come to a point in their lives where they would like to downsize from their current home to a smaller residence.  Whether this is because children have moved out, or you would prefer a change of scene, downsizing is quite common and can offer property owners a fresh start and convenience.  Having said this, the act of downsizing is not without its challenges, as people may find themselves with a large home’s worth of furniture and possessions that they need to transfer to a smaller property.  The following suggestions may be of some help to those looking to downsize with reduced drama. 



Regardless of the size of the property you move to, moving always presents an excellent opportunity to clear unwanted possessions.  In downsizing, decluttering is more important than ever as you will have less space to store items that may no longer be needed or important to you.  In addition, your smaller space will likely accommodate less furniture. 


Before moving go through your wardrobe, furniture, odds and ends and the like, and sort items into those that you would like to take with you to your new property, those you can give away or sell, those earmarked for storage and those you will dispose of. 

It is also worthwhile to note that some of your current furniture, purchased for a larger property, may not fit in your new residence.  Be sure to measure key pieces such as lounges, dining room tables and beds, etc, before moving, to avoid hassle on moving day should certain items not fit in your new space.   


Don’t go too small, too quickly

Despite wishing for a smaller property to maintain, many people who downsize may find themselves missing the spaciousness (among other factors) of their previous home.  It is important to carefully consider the lifestyle change you are pursuing when downsizing, and think through whether this is the right move for you.  For this reason it may be worthwhile to rent a smaller property before buying one of a similar size so that you are better prepared to make the right decision regarding your living options. 

Look for smaller properties with open spaces

Just because you may move to an apartment after living in a larger house, does not mean you cannot continue to enjoy light-filled rooms and outdoor spaces.  There are many apartments available that offer courtyards, balcony areas and even small backyards which can help the transition process and allow you to continue to enjoy activities that you may have previously valued, such as barbecuing, socialising and gardening, and even just spending time outside while at home.  


Consider the benefits of your new locale

There is more to a property than just the property itself.  Neighbourhoods within which high-density housing options are common can often offer new experiences such as cafes, shopping and different social groups.  If you find yourself struggling with the concept of downsizing, look for a community with benefits of value to you. 

Moving to a smaller property can be hugely beneficial and offer people a whole new way of living, with benefits such as less maintenance and a new community and lifestyle.  Having said this, it may be worthwhile for you to consider the aforementioned tips, among others, to ensure that your downsizing move is the right one for you.  

For information about smaller properties available in your area and other desired locations, please feel free to stop by one of the hundreds of CENTURY 21 real estate offices located around the country to speak with a professional property expert.   

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