Enemies of your small busines

Everyone runs their business differently. Even with an international brand like Century 21, each of our real estate offices are independently owned and operated, which means there are many different management styles within the greater organization. But across the business landscape, regardless of industry, there are a few enemies of success. As usual for your reading pleasure and enlightenment, I thought I’d run through some of them.


Firstly, later never actually comes. What I mean by this is stop procrastinating and actually just do stuff. I’ve posted before about how detrimental procrastination is to success, and saying you’ll do something “later” might make you feel less guilty about not doing it now, but every task you put off in business is likely to be costing you money, or opportunity.


Similarly, waiting until you are totally ready may also be costing you opportunities. Of course you need to be in a position that you can adequately take on whatever it is you’re trying to achieve, but who is every really, truly “ready” for anything? Stop waiting and start doing, and the sink or swim regime is often the best ground for learning, growing and excelling.


Stop using the word maybe, even to yourself. Learn to commit and act with conviction. Saying maybe is  a cop-out and links directly back to waiting for later, and procrastinating. You either will or you won’t. Decide.


Passion will get you so far, but not far enough. Yes, you need to be passionate to succeed, but you need other things too. Spruiking about your passion for your business, your team, your commitment, your whatever may motivate people to begin with, but if it’s not followed up with action, chances are you’re just going to become annoying and your business isn’t going to move forward.

Being patient in some aspects of your life may be a good thing, and there is certainly a need for it in some facets of business, but waiting around isn’t going to push your business forward. Sometimes being a little impatient and not accepting delays, procrastination or opposition to your dreams can be the best thing you can do for your success.


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