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For Christmas, I was given a book on how to feng shui your home. I was thinking about the odd nature of this gift as I drove my V8 to work this morning. It’s odd because most people who know me don’t really think of me as a new age kind of guy. Also odd because did you know its actually pronounced fung shway? Who would have thought.  

What is especially interesting about the whole thing is that it made me realise that because I work in real estate, and for CENTURY 21, I think people must just assume that:

a)       I’m a 21st century kind of guy; and

b)       I’m as interested in my own house as I am in the actual real estate market.  

Let me assure you, neither is true. But, because I am a nice guy, albeit a stereotypical Aussie one, I made a show of flicking through the book of magic household furniture moving I’d been given, and it occurred to me whilst I did, that many a person does believe in the power of this feng shui stuff, and that maybe there were a few elements I shouldn’t mock quite so quickly.  

So, because I am a nice guy as I mentioned (and not because I am new age) here are the top three of the tips I could find within this precious gift.  Apparently money plants are the go for increasing your prosperity, but you need two. One at the front door to bring the money into the house, and one at the back door to keep it inside. I will be heading to the nursery after work. It can’t hurt.  

Another prosperity tip – put a mirror in your kitchen. It seems that if you can’t see the kitchen door when you are standing at the stove, then you should place a mirror in any location that will catch the reflection of someone coming in. My book tells me it’s good feng shui to see people coming through the doorways of any room you are in. Luckily for me the only time I spend in the kitchen is when I’m stationed in front of the fridge and I’m sure if anyone else crept in I’d see them reflected in the stainless steel. Surely that’s close enough.  

And my final tip is especially helpful because not only does it apply to the study at home, but you can translate this bit of feng shui to your work, which realistically is actually where I spend most of my time. (I wonder if the money plant thing will work with an office door and a window...) Anyway, the tip is - your style of desk should match what it is designed to achieve, because in feng shui world your environment mirrors who you are. Desk size is also crucial and big tasks need a big desk, so I am sure you can imagine the sheer size of mine!  

Okay I think that’s enough. I best stop before I get the urge to blow-dry my hair or something. Happy feng shui-ing!     

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thanks for this mate!
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