Fire safety at home a must this winter

Fires that occur in the home can be truly tragic events.  In many cases much of the heartbreak lies in the fact that the episode potentially could have been avoided altogether.  As the weather gets colder and the risk of household fires escalates, I encourage all home owners and tenants to be aware of the dangers of fires in the home and to take preventative steps to protect family members, property and possessions. 

Charles Tarbey, Chairman and Owner of CENTURY 21 Australia, recently commented on the risk of fires in winter.  “As the temperature drops, people tend to increase their use of heaters, clothes dryers and the like at home, all of which can pose a serious fire threat if not managed in a careful manner.   

“There are some terrible examples of preventable residential fires occurring because, for example, a heater has been left unattended or hasn’t been maintained properly.  These incidents can tragically result in loss of life and major property damage, all of which could have been avoided if various safety measures had been practiced.”

In order to prevent a serious fire occurring, all home owners and tenants should ensure that heating equipment and clothes dryers are cleaned and maintained prior to and throughout the winter months and monitored when in use. 

In addition, it is essential that smoke alarms are installed and in working order throughout a home so as to alert a property’s occupants should a fire occur. 

“Working fire alarms and proper fire protection equipment such as extinguishers and blankets can be the difference between catastrophe and a fire that is put out quickly, resulting in minimal damage to people and property,” continued Charles Tarbey. 

“It is important to get fire safety right.  Recognising potential fire risks within your property and acting to minimise them will help to ensure the safety of all occupants as well as the dwelling itself this winter,” concluded Charles Tarbey. 

Household fires can be devastating – so be prepared and take the necessary steps to avoid one occurring in your property this winter. 

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