From fantasy to reality

Many of you may not be aware that this week saw Barbie turn 50. As I am an avid consumer of news, and not of Mattel toys, I am aware that her birthday fell on Monday and that the big 5-0 resulted in some interesting celebrations. For me, the most amazing was the real life creation of her Malibu Dream House.

Having raised daughters, I am not completely ignorant when it comes to Barbie’s wide range of accessories and life changing status symbols. Although my personal favourite was always the Change Around Home and Office, I have to admit the Malibu Dream House has always been impressive, and a career in real estate makes you realize how spectacular a real life version of that home would be. It seems someone had the same thought, as interior decorator Jonathan Adler decked out a real-life 3,500-square-foot pad overlooking the Pacific Ocean to look like the doll's home.



The decoration of the home was actually commissioned by Mattel Inc for Barbie’s birthday bash which happened on Monday (who says nothing good ever happens on Monday, hey?) and took six months of planning. The home is already regularly rented for film and photo shoots and getting all the glitz into the property took weeks. Apparently the designer sang Barbie’s praises as the ideal client who is always happy and loves everything. If only everyone we dealt with in this industry had the same temperament! Although I have to admit her taste is slightly questionable. The chandelier made of blonde wigs is a tad too creepy for my liking, however I have to admit that if someone was prepared to donate a Malibu pad perched over the ocean for my 50th (which is of course still very far away) I’d be less than picky about the light fittings.  
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