Gardening Ideas for Small Spaces

Gardening ideas for small spaces

If you live in a unit, apartment or townhouse, creating an enjoyable garden may feel out of your reach. However there are many ways to indulge your green thumb and enjoy the beauty of a garden, even if you don’t have a large backyard. Below are some tips to help you build an attractive garden in a small space.

Plan your layout
When planning a garden, draw a layout as your first step. This can help you visualise the end product and ensure that your design will be effective. When working with small spaces be careful to not overcrowd the area. Try to incorporate a focal point that will draw attention and interest. This can help to create the feeling that the area is larger than it actually is.

Consider using vertical gardens
Vertical gardens are an effective way to bring colour and greenery into a balcony or patio without taking up a large amount of floor space. This option can be useful in creating a large blanket of greenery as a backdrop for a feature plant or ornament.

Grow an edible garden
A small garden doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy home grown produce. There are many options that will thrive in small spaces given the right environment. An appropriate amount of sunlight and water is important. Growing potted herbs can be a great way to start, but don’t feel constrained – keep on expanding the varieties you plant. For extra motivation, try to grow things that you like to eat.

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