Getting ready for Spring

Getting ready for Spring

Spring is just around the corner and some people might be starting to think about how to enjoy their outdoor areas again. The cool weather may have kept people inside, but as the warmer days and nights come closer there are more opportunities to get outside. Below are some ways to help think about getting your outdoor spaces ready for spring.

Renovate the BBQ area
Spring is a great time for outdoor entertaining and chances are that you will want to use the BBQ in the coming months, so why not get it ready now? Depending on its condition, your BBQ area may only need a good clean. However, if you are not using the area to its full potential because of its poor condition, it might be worth thinking about renovating. If you do this, make sure you consider important aspects such as providing enough shade and space to enjoy the outdoors.

Outdoor furniture
As spring gets closer it may be time to think about your outdoor furniture. Depending on what material your furniture is made from, there are a range of options available to clean it. You could even investigate going a little further with your timber furniture and consider sanding it back and re-finishing it.

Get your gardens ready
You may already be seeing signs of spring in the garden, with buds appearing on the branches of deciduous trees. Unfortunately this means that weeds may also begin to surface in the garden. One way to really keep on top of the weeds is to spread mulch out over the garden. The mulch will help keep the amount of weeds down and also help to keep moisture in the ground.

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